Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby "Showering"

Today was a MUCH anticipated, VERY special day. My best friend, Emily, and I hosted a Baby Shower for our other best friend, Elaine. I have to say, living so far from home has its difficult moments, but these two girls are my family away from home. These girls KNOW me, and I will never be able to completely express my love for them or my gratitude for their friendship.

SO, needless to say, it was SUCH a joy for Emily and I to host a shower for Elaine!

Here we are with the Guest of Honor
And, I can't forget Emily's Mom, Marilyn. She is such a delight. She helped us get everything set up. We were so thankful!!
Our theme was "Little Peanut". Elaine is one of those crazies that is choosing to be surprised at the birth to find out the sex of the baby. So was Emily!! Ahhhhh! It's killing me! Anyway, we had to come up with a fun "gender neutral" shower theme...not easy! Anyway, I had this idea to make a peanut topiary for know when you have those ideas in your head, but your not quite sure how it's going to turn out...well, everyone assured me it turned out ok.
The shower took place at one of Elaine's favorite restaurants Table Mesa Bistro. I have to admit it's one of my favorites as well, but they created a menu of 5 fabulous meals to choose from and guacamole and chips, of course, THEN the piece de resistance, Emily's HOMEMADE cupcakes...that were TO DIE FOR!!

My ever so talented friend, Robin, created the amazingly fabulous cookies...that once again were works of art!!! I sent her the invitations and some of the other paper goods we used, and she matched them perfectly. I was speechless when I picked up the cookies from her. Just amazing! Thanks again, Robin!!
I created cookie bouquets for centerpieces. I found a fabulous seller on Etsy called PinkadotShop. Stacy worked with me to create custom paper goods like a menu, labels, tags, and a banner that matched the shower PERFECTLY!! She did a fabulous job! Thanks, Stacy!
Now for a close up of the absolutely delicious cupcakes. Emily's cupcakes are just AWESOME!! She ALWAYS thinks outside of the box, and instead of the usual flavors, she made Pomegranate, Pistachio, and Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting. Total yumminess!
We had so much fun watching Elaine open gifts. She was extremely blessed with an outpouring of gifts from everyone. I'm sure Emily is so happy I put this picture up...I didn't get many, but it really portrays her true personality...she's so much fun! I also can't forget to mention that Elaine is a fabulous crazy gifted...anyway, most of these photos came from her...the good ones, anyway. It's hard when the photographer is the guest of honor...

I have to add that I am SO thankful for a wonderful husband that watched 3 precious little girls so their mommy could be away for a few hours. Thanks, Wes! Love you.

It was such a special day, and one that makes me reflect on all of the good, great, wonderful people and things God has blessed me with. I can't think of any greater joy than to "shower" those you love.....with love : ).

Keep The Faith,


  1. Who would have thought about having a shower at Table Mesa??? What a great idea ( I LOVE their food!)
    This shower looked SO nice! Robin's cookies were perfect and wow - Emily makes amazing cupcakes!!! Such a nice shower!

  2. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog and was so excited to see my old friend, Emily! We were good friends in jr high and high school, and still keep up a little bit on Facebook, since I moved away about 12 years ago.

    Love that shower theme also! There's no way I couldve waited to find out the genders of my babies...but I so admire people who have that patience! :)

  3. Love the shower theme! The cookies are so adorable.

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  4. adorable shower! I want one of those cupcakes!!

  5. hehe i just saw these on another person's blog! the cookies are so cute! I love the little peanut ones

  6. I just love this shower! The elephants and peanut topiary are so cute! It's all so cute! :)