Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I'm a little late, but wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! I hope your day was wonderful!

We started our day off a little earlier than usual in efforts to make the early service at church. We made it by the hair of our chinny, chin, chin....I'm pretty sure you could hear our tires squealing. However, it was an AMAZING service. Dr. Junior Hill, has preached the Easter service at our church for many years now, and we've missed the last two Easter services because of little ones being sick, so it was so nice to go today...and even better, truly such a blessing to see so many people saved today. I'm just SOOOO thankful to be apart of a church, a body of believers, that does not seek to water down the truth....the truth that Jesus is THE ONLY WAY. In fact, God sent His son to this earth, solely to die for OUR SINS, MY SINS, to cleanse me and you, to REDEEM us, so that we would not be eternally separated from Him. AND THE BEST PART IS, HE LIVES!!! I serve a RISEN Savior!! May I NEVER forget or EVER apologize for my faith.

I don't know what we would do without grandparents, but both sets of grandparents sent tons of fun stuff for Easter baskets, so the girls really enjoyed looking through all of their goodies this morning.
Then we got everyone dressed and headed to church.
Our Easter outfits, a la Zulily
Ta Dah!!
Apologies for the laundry basket in the background. It has become a permanent addition to our living room since the twins discovered Ella's dresser drawers and how much giggle inducing fun it is to empty them, and pile them on the floor, and lay all over them...I think I picked up and folded the contents of her drawers probably 20 times before I decided I wouldn't waste my time anymore. I need some "twin-proofing"
Molly is good at the cheeese!Ruby does her own thing...can you tell??

After church, we had a fabulous brunch of bagels and muffins at Panera for our Easter feast.

I wanted to get a picture of all the girls in their Easter attire, and boy, it's just near impossible to get a good pic of all of them will see the effort below...

Ok, now for Molly..."Molly, where are you???"
"Ok, now Ruby, sit down with your sissies...can you sit down here, Ruby?"
"No, no, no...sit down please, Ruby"
"Ok, if you can't sit down, at least look at Daddy, can you look at Daddy, Ruby??"
"Ok, Ella, look at Daddy, too"
"Girls, look here"
Something funny happened...lots of giggles
Well, I guess that will have to do


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  1. The girls look adorable!!! I got those same dresses in green for my girls for next year! Ha! I love the white!
    Taking a picture of one busy toddler is hard - 3 would be impossible! I love your outtakes!!! So true!