Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween and such...

I haven't had a moment to post a few pics of the girls from Halloween.

Ella was Goldilocks, with the three bears tucked neatly into her apron. The minute the costume arrived, we HAD to play with the bears, and sleep with the bears, and feed the bears....I was glad to find them all right as I was loading everyone in the car for our Fall Fest at church.

The twins went as their cute little selves. I did find two cute tees at Target that had a fairy costume on it that said " Cute Costume" so that is what they wore. I'm thinking I might need to do my costume shopping now for next year, so I can save a little money : ).

On a side note regarding our living situation, we are all moved into our new "rent" home. We are semi-settled. I painted Ella's room and Molly and Ruby's room and still need to finish up the kitchen and intend to paint the girls' bathroom as well. I am truly thankful to have such a great landlord that was basically whatever you like. I hope to get some pictures on the wall and such to make it feel more "finished".

One thing I have realized is that this is do-able. I was so concerned how we would manage in a smaller home, and it's really quite funny how quickly you can adjust to things. I find that I'm not as stressed to be "doing" all the time, because there is less to manage, and the girls love being able to play in their rooms all day. Before, we would go upstairs a few times a day to play, but I was always so nervous someone was going to hurt themselves on the stairs. Their are downsides as well, but I'm finding that is true about everything in life, and learning to accept things just as they are (instead of wishing and dreaming about when things will be different) has been quite freeing.

One OTHER side note, not something I usually talk a lot about, but over the last few months I have been feeling horrible. I've been having horrible headaches, and just completely exhausted and run down. So, I finally went to see the Doctor and had a bunch of test run. I went yesterday for my follow up and found out that I am very anemic (I was during both pregnancies, but thought it would go away), and I don't know how you say it...but, I have hypothyroidism. When I researched this condition and looked at the symptoms, I was shocked that I was experiencing about 80% of the symptoms...I had NO idea. Anyway, I am SO thankful that these are not serious conditions and can be treated. So, I am praying that I will get the spring back in my step very soon! Thank you, Lord!

We had a cold front blow through last night, and it is rather chilly here....and windy. Can't believe it is already time turn our clocks back this weekend. Don't forget!!

Keep The Faith,