Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Smirthday

Today I celebrated 34 wonderful years on this earth.

This morning, the girls and I woke up, got ready, and drove to Fayetteville to go to one of my FAVORITE bakeries in our area, Rick's Bakery. We picked out a cake, and then stayed to enjoy some donut holes. The girls seem to attract A LOT of attention everywhere we go, and it didn't help that I (unintentionally) wore my MAROON Aggie sweatshirt (like I do every morning) on the weekend of the BIG Texas A&M vs Arkansas game. There was a table of older men sitting next to us, and they were quite taken with the girls...but they continued to give me a terrible time about my choice of attire...all in good fun!!

We continued our fun filled day with a picnic in the park.

A take out dinner from my FAVORITE restaurant, Table Mesa Bistro (YUMMMMY!!!)

(quite possibly my favorite food, EVER)

Which is what these girls were waiting for all day.

Ruby woke up from her nap saying...Maaaamaaa, Maaaamaaa, hap birtday t you.

SOOOOO excited!!!
The yummmmy cake!!!

My girls
I look horrible in this pic, I haven't put on make up or done my hair in 3 days because of moving/packing so forgive my appearance!!
AND the sugar rush!!!
I couldn't stop laughing at this.

I feel SO blessed, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this next year!

Monday, September 26, 2011

So long, farewell...

It is with great sadness that we must say good-bye.....

to our most fabulous, wonderful, don't know what I'm going to do without


2 years ago, our Papa made this AMAZING table that we have eaten almost EVERY meal at home in...not to mention has helped our Mom have a few moments to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner...and over the last year has been our primary spot for craft, you name it. It has also been the home of some of the sweetest moments of eye-poking, hair pulling, and food stealing to name a few. Awww, sisterly love!

It's a long story, but on a seconds notice we are moving to some temporary housing, and unfortunately there is NO room for this lovely. So, it's time to part. I'm very sad, but it's also time. Don't you worry it will be re-appearing again in a few months with a new purpose and life...that's called re-purposing, right??

I know I'm biased, but that's a punkin head if I ever saw one. Picture taken on our first feeding table experience in October 2009.and another one....AND, here they are almost 2 years later.

Feeding table, you will always hold a special place in our hearts, we can't wait to see where you will pop up!