Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

So, I finally have a second to post pictures of the VERY few Christmas decorations I put up. I am not putting myself on any blog tour or such as I am pretty embarrassed with my skills compared to all of the other crafty ladies out there. I considered not decorating this year because we leave this coming Saturday for a 15 day road trip, but I'm glad I went ahead and decorated some...Ella loved helping me decorate the tree (only one ornament down) and when I finished the stairs, she said "so pwetty!!". I didn't think she would really notice that much, but I was mistaken.

Our household has been plagued with one sick baby after the other and right now ALL three at the same time, so I decorated a little here and there over the past two weeks. I know from reading other blogs that so many other families are experiencing the same thing and all I have to say is it REALLY stinks! Oh well, I guess it just comes with the territory! I guess I'm telling you this so you won't make fun of my efforts!

The Christmas Tree - I don't really have a theme, the ornaments are from our childhood, a few others I've purchased through the years, and now ornaments for the girls. I guess the only thing I could say regarding themes is that I always use red ribbon or beads on the tree every year...the same ribbon, just used differently each year.
Wreath hanging on the mirror in the Entry - same thing goes here - I've had this wreath for many years, I add other ornaments and ribbon each year to do something different.

Mini Christmas Tree and Ella's first picture with Santa from last year
Nativity from Wes's godmother, given to him when he was a child
Garland on the stairs - I've had these decorations for many years, this year I decided to do a candy cane - red/white garland on the stairs. In past years, I've used them over the fireplace or on the Buffet.

Wreath over the window in the kitchen

This is the garland over the fireplace in our Dining Room - I usually decorate this with ornaments and such, it's also where I hang the stockings, but this year we will be taking them with us on our trip.

This will probably be my last post until 2010, we'll see (I may have to post a few pics from Ella's school play on Thursday). Either way, we want to wish your family a VERY Merry Christmas!! Our friends and family will be receiving this Christmas card. We are SO "JOY-ful" of all God has blessed us with this year. It has been an eventful year in our house and we want to thank everyone for their much needed prayers and helping hands - the Lord knows we've needed every single kind gesture you have extended to us. We are FOREVER grateful!

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

Keep the Faith,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and Ruby's Surgery

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm a little behind (surprised?) in posting pics from our trip to Texas. Ruby had surgery on her foot the day after we returned. I will share a little bit about that experience below. We took a road trip to Tenaha, Texas where my Dad's parents live, my Bobo and Pop, and the girls great-grandparents. We had a wonderful time!

This is a picture of "The Farm". That is what the grand-kids have called it since my Bobo and Pop moved there. This house has many additions that were added over the years. All of the work was done by my grandfather, dad, uncle, cousins, and brothers.

This is my Bobo and Ella playing with Ella's house. This time, Ella took right to her Bobo and Pop. On our last visit, she was a little bashful.

This is Lisa, my brother's fiance (7 months to go). She is kind of learning her way around the kitchen. She made the pecan pies and they were SOOO good! I am so glad my brother is marrying Lisa. She is so much fun and so down-to-earth...she really fits perfectly in the mix.

Soooo, my project was the turkey for Thanksgiving, 2 of them. I've never prepared a raw turkey. I've always ordered one from Honey Baked Ham or last year I ordered a fried turkey from a local Cajun restaurant. I'd just watched a Barefoot Contessa episode a few days before, and modified her technique (if I had used truffle butter like hers I might have had an uprising). Anyway, I rubbed TONS of butter under the skin and on the outside and salted and peppered liberally, cooked at 325 for 2 1/2 hours. It was SOOOO good! No bragging, just really proud it didn't turn out like Christmas Vacation...you know the scene..."If this tastes as good as it looks, we're in for a REAL treat!!" and then the turkey burst open dry to the bone.

Ella all ready for some outside time. If she could stay outside ALL day, she would be a happy girl!

Just a swing-in'

4-wheel-in it

Uncle Jim and Ella at the pond

Uncle Jim and Ella on the tractor

Papa and Ella sitting by the fire, looking at the stars
Ever tried to transport 3 babies?? Well, it's not easy. We encountered a dilemma as the twins are getting too heavy in their carseats to lift them in and out of the car. However, I have Schwarzenegger shoulder muscles, now. So, I did some searching on Craigslist and found this triple jogger and another front-to-back 3 seater and I think we might be set for a while. They are used, but I don't care!! In fact, I don't think I will EVER buy brand new baby gear EVER again! My parents ended up springing for this stroller and my in-laws gifted the other...what a BLESSING!
Molly and Ruby sitting up like big girls. They are doing pretty good sitting up, but still fall over from time to time. The Boppy pillows seem to give them the support they need.

Nana and Aunt Susan feeding Molly and Ruby
Where you find Papa, you also find Ella...all-the-time!
Papa and Ruby
Uncle Jim and Molly
Uncle Grant and Molly
Our Thanksgiving past-time, puzzles!!
more puzzles...

So, clearly we had a good time and I got a little bit of hands free time...which was much needed and appreciated!!! I also got to take a 3 HOUR NAP one day. Holy Cow was that amazing!! I NEVER get to take a nap. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!


When we returned, Ruby had surgery at 6:30 the next morning. She was born with an extra digit (toe) on her left foot (bone and all). So, to ensure she would be able to wear cute flip-flops and sandals one day and prevent trouble walking we had the extra toe removed. She has the CUTEST itty-bitty cast on her foot right now. You can see the before picture. I had to take one so that we could show her someday. I will show you the after picture once it heals. She did really well. I could tell she was in pain the first few days, but she seems to be doing just fine now.

Quick story about that day. I was a little nervous about the surgery to say the least. They had to put her under and the procedure was quite invasive because they had to remove bone. I was praying on the way to the hospital that God would surround her with protection. When we checked in, we were shown to our waiting area within 5 minutes and a Chaplain was waiting for us with a teddy bear. He asked if he could have a word of prayer with me. My eyes welled up with tears. He covered her with prayer. We waited about an hour and then they took us to pre-op where we met with the Doctor. After we finished meeting, he asked if he could pray with me before they took Ruby back for the surgery. Ok, can you say answered prayer!! It was like God was standing next to me. Why do I EVER doubt if hears me?? Anyway, what I thought would be a nerve racking few hours, turned out to be yet another moment where God clearly revealed His love to me. God is good ALL the time!!

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!

Keep the Faith,