Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't turn your back!!!

I seriously C-A-N-N-O-T turn my back. If I do, this is what I find. Hahahahaha!!!! Oh, Brother am I in for it!!!

Sooooo much fun!!!
They were giggling and having the best time. I was changing Ella's diaper while this was happening behind me. I had to quickly intervene so the whole roll wasn't gone...AND Ella really wanted to play with them, too.
Ella - "Mama, I wan't to color with markers."
Me - "Ok, but we only color on the paper, right?"
Ella - "Yep, only on the paper!"

We tried this once before a month or so again while I was cooking dinner. I let Ella use her big coloring pad on the floor, and when I turned around, there was a beautiful mural on the refrigerator. Really, it was quite impressive. I cleaned it before I realized I should have taken a picture. Something tells me that I will have MANY opportunities to catch these kinds of photos. : ) Thank goodness for washable crayons, markers, paint, etc, etc!!!!

Forgive the unkempt appearance, she did have shorts on...but, if you read my earlier post, we are back and forth in training pants and diapers. Joy, joy, joy!!!

AND, here is "bruiser" Molly...I turned my back for ONE second and she tipped over from the bowl (yes, plastic bowl, also in previous post) she was sitting in and scraped her nose really good on the edge of a door. One MAJOR traumatic crying episode later, we decided she would live.

To compound the issue of my NOT clean house and the complete chaos that ensues (as you could gather from above). We are trying to sell our house, and although we've had no showings in almost 4 months, this week we had 2 very impromptu the midst of all the FUN you see above. I know that's just part of it, but WOW, it's really been keeping me on my toes!!

Thought you might enjoy these funnies from our household!
Have a GREAT weekend!
Keep the Faith,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This will be a rather miscellaneous post. I wanted to post a few pics for the grandparents to see. I hope everyone is transitioning well getting back into the swing of things with school starting. We, or should I say, I, am SOOOOO excited Mother's Day Out is in full swing. I take the girls on Wednesday, and today was their first "official" day back. I really can't complain, because where the girls go to MDO, they offer a Summer program. So, we were able to continue going through the Summer with week breaks before and after the program. Let me just say that this has been like God shining light on me from above, because I would be bald if I had to get through the Summer without it. I am truly SO grateful that God has provided the means for the girls to attend MDO. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

So, I caught a pic of Ella this morning...she runs when I get the camera. Then I had to take a picture of the girls' new lunch boxes. Ella's old lunch box was pretty gross, and the zipper broke, so I splurged to get her a new one as well. This is the twins "first" lunch box. They are getting to be such big girls.
She looks like she is in pain...she wasn't...just refusing to stand still and smile

Lunch boxes
The twins new favorite thing - this is a green plastic bowl I keep Ella's play food in her kitchen. Well, when we go upstairs to play, this is the FIRST thing Ruby does. She goes and dumps the food out, and then sits in the bowl. Wes and I will spin them. They LOVE it. However, the totally fight over who gets to sit in it. It's pretty funny to see them both try to sit in it at the same time.
Ruby being a dare-devil
Molly lovin on her Peter Cottontail. This was a gift from grandma at Easter. He sings Peter Cottontail and hops. She LOVES it...and even though she can't say the words, she babbles and hums the tune.
When you have 3 little ones roaming around, you never know what you will happen upon. I think I noticed that Molly had gone missing, and this is where I found her.
The trail of DESTRUCTION from Hurricane Ella and her two spin off tornadoes Molly and Ruby. This is WHY I would go bald without a day of MDO. : )
My Mom and Dad came for a REALLY quick visit a few weeks ago. Here is Neena "pre-tend" sleeping. Ella loves to cover you with a blanket and pat your back.
Here she is checking on Neena
Papa and Ruby
Papa and Ella
Papa and Molly
This is for you, Aunt Vicki. Ella's Great Aunt Vicki lives in Hawaii and brought the girls some adorable Hawaiian dresses. I thought this looked cute on Ella. The other dresses are still a little big, but I know we will wear them next year.
Ella and her "Emma" doll...and Molly playing with her stuffed animals.
Emma was a gift from grandma that we hoped would help fuel her interest in using the big girl potty. She loves the doll and even praises Emma for tinkling in the potty, but when you ask Ella if she wants to go in the big girl potty she says "No, I'm good". She's had success before, but is REALLY being difficult about it lately. I REFUSE to fight with her over it, and having to chase after two other little ones while attempting potty training, SUPER FUN!! So we will be waiting a little longer. I have a feeling that seeing all of her friends use the "big girl" potty at school might coax her.

Yes, I know you feel all the more enlightened hearing about our potty escapades. That's just what happens in THIS exciting house. I KNOW you're jealous! ; )

We are experiencing some REALLY great weather here. It's supposed to continue into the weekend. I am SO excited to get back outdoors.

Hope the rest of your week is great!

Keep the Faith,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The "Dog Days" of Summer

Ok, first things first. Hi, how are ya?? I know it's been a while. I've had many friends tell me, "enough of the donut post already". So, here I am just doing a random post. Honestly, because too much has transpired in the last two months to even attempt at catching everyone up...and, because you have lives of your own to lead. : )

So, I found myself asking...what do the "dog days" of Summer really mean?? Being the information junky that I am...I looked it up...AND...the "dog days" of Summer are the hottest, most sultry days of Summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, they usually fall between July and September. It can also define a time period or event that is very HOT or stagnant or marked by dull lack of progress. YEP, that about SUMS-IT-UP!! We are in fact enduring the "DOG DAYS" of Summer!!

It is SOOOOOOOOOO HOT here and I can TOTALLY relate to the "stagnant" feeling as well. We've gone about two weeks now without our morning or evening walks - something this Mom looks forward to being home with 3 kiddos 2 and under, but it's JUST TOO HOT! I need some new ideas for fun indoor activities. I think the girls have watched more Baby Einstein, Mickey Mouse Club, Special Agent OSO in the last two weeks than we have in the last two years. I KNOW, I KNOW this makes me a terrible Mom, but you can just keep those comments to yourself, OK?

So, what has been going on?? Well, we took a long road trip to Texas that started off with my older Brother, Jim, getting married. It was fabulous! I don't have pictures yet, but I did order some from the photographer. I was a Bridesmaid, and Ella was a Flower Girl. So, when I get them, hopefully I can figure out a way to share a few. It was such a fun wedding and was so evident that my Brother, Jim, and his new wife, Lisa, love each other very much. It's so fun to be apart of a wedding where you can FEEL the love, you know?

Our visit continued with spending time with my family for a few days and then heading to Wes's family lakehouse. We really enjoyed our time in Texas. We miss Texas.

Papa and Ella waiting for Nan's grandfather clock to chime

Neena playing with Molly and Ruby
At the lake, going for a walk - that's Uncle Jeff and cousin Reese
Molly and Ruby playing in the water

Right now, we are eagerly awaiting our weekly activities resuming, like bible study, and MDO starts next week - the girls are graduating to their next class, and it's hard for me to grasp that the twins will be moving to the "big kid" class at school and Church. So, I am working on a few things with the twins...we are working on mastering the sippy cup, and learning how to use a spoon. They LOVE trying to use a spoon, they smile every time I give one to them.

Tuesday was Wes's birthday. ELLA L-O-V-E-S anything to do with birthdays - so she was SO excited that she got to sing Happy Birthday, and help blow out the candles...and eat cake...her favorite!
Wes's parents were here for a few days, and we had a WONDERFUL visit. It was so nice to have them here. Wes and his Dad did guy stuff, and the girls hung out around the house and played a ton. I was able to get a sitter Saturday night, and we had a nice "adult" dinner out. That is VERY rare for us. So, it was a real treat!!

AND...this coming weekend we have another special visit, this time with my parents. Turns out my Dad has a delivery in Missouri and will be spending the weekend with us, and Continental had a special this weekend, so my Mom is going to fly in Saturday and go home Monday. Truly a special occurrence, seeing that we usually get to see our family only a few times a year.

Well, I hope ya'll are staying cool (figuratively and realistically) ; )!!

Happy "DOG DAYS" of Summer, Ya'll!!
Keep the Faith,