Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't turn your back!!!

I seriously C-A-N-N-O-T turn my back. If I do, this is what I find. Hahahahaha!!!! Oh, Brother am I in for it!!!

Sooooo much fun!!!
They were giggling and having the best time. I was changing Ella's diaper while this was happening behind me. I had to quickly intervene so the whole roll wasn't gone...AND Ella really wanted to play with them, too.
Ella - "Mama, I wan't to color with markers."
Me - "Ok, but we only color on the paper, right?"
Ella - "Yep, only on the paper!"

We tried this once before a month or so again while I was cooking dinner. I let Ella use her big coloring pad on the floor, and when I turned around, there was a beautiful mural on the refrigerator. Really, it was quite impressive. I cleaned it before I realized I should have taken a picture. Something tells me that I will have MANY opportunities to catch these kinds of photos. : ) Thank goodness for washable crayons, markers, paint, etc, etc!!!!

Forgive the unkempt appearance, she did have shorts on...but, if you read my earlier post, we are back and forth in training pants and diapers. Joy, joy, joy!!!

AND, here is "bruiser" Molly...I turned my back for ONE second and she tipped over from the bowl (yes, plastic bowl, also in previous post) she was sitting in and scraped her nose really good on the edge of a door. One MAJOR traumatic crying episode later, we decided she would live.

To compound the issue of my NOT clean house and the complete chaos that ensues (as you could gather from above). We are trying to sell our house, and although we've had no showings in almost 4 months, this week we had 2 very impromptu the midst of all the FUN you see above. I know that's just part of it, but WOW, it's really been keeping me on my toes!!

Thought you might enjoy these funnies from our household!
Have a GREAT weekend!
Keep the Faith,


  1. Oh bless you Amy! Thanks for sharing your funny moments. Let me know if I can watch the girls anytime you need to clean up the house for a showing. I know that must be difficult to clean with 3 little ones behind you tearing it up again!

  2. I don't think I've looked at your blog since the twin's birthday post! I feel so guilty that I missed out when all this was happening. Hi-Larious!!! Cracked UP! I can't believe how fast the girls are changing.

    Love You! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Oh wow!! That picture is so cute!! It will be one your look back on fondly, I'm sure!! They are sooooooooo adorable. You have a beautiful family!!

  4. they are so cute amy! and i didnt know ya'll were trying to sell your house!

  5. ps. i feel like a broken record, all i ever say is, "they are so cute!" but they really are. i'll try some new adjectives in the future....