Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pony Ride, Headband, and Dessert

This weekend we went to something called the Frisco Fest where we live. They have it every August and it's kind of like a mini fair that takes place downtown. There are lots of activities for children, live music, food, and merchant booths...and I was surprised how much bigger and better it was this year. We walked there Saturday morning and did a round, it was a little warm so we came back home. After dinner, we normally always take a walk, and we decided to do another round and I am so glad we did. It was much cooler and we were able to enjoy the sights. As we were heading back to come home, we happened upon a pony corral, and I asked Ella if she wanted to ride a pony. Well, she did, and she LOVED it. We kind of had a mini-meltdown when we had to leave. Her pony's name was Banjo.
We had a full day Saturday with two trips to the Frisco Fest, a side walk coloring extravaganza, and a trip to the Academy that just opened in our area. Wes was really happy to hear we were getting an Academy. I have a feeling that it will become one of our weekend outings.

I have to share a funny from Ella. A couple weeks ago, she scratched her finger doing something, and ran to me crying that she had a boo-boo. So, of course I kissed it to make it better and this was our conversation
Ella - "Mama, I need a headband"
Me - "A headband?, I don't think a headband will make it feel better"
Ella - "Yes, Mama!!! I NEED a headband!!!"
I'm a little puzzled at this point, so I go to the medicine cabinet and pull out a band-aid.
Ella - "YES, YES, YES, a headband!!!"
Me - "Ooookkkkk, a headband" with a big smile on my face I wrapped her finger in a band-aid

About 5 minutes later Ella came to me and said "Mama, thank you so much for the headband, I feel sooooo much better!!"


Yesterday as I was cooking dinner, I had just finished feeding the twins and as "dessert" I usually give them pudding or also buys me a few minutes because they love "eating" with their spoons and love pudding or yogurt. Not long after I got them all set up, I hear "Ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!!!" from Molly (yep, by now I can decipher the crying and whining). So I go to check on them and I find the problem. Ruby has decided she would eat BOTH bowls of dessert. This is becoming a common problem. So, I think I will be separating them from now on. : )
Hope you have a wonderful LONG weekend!

Keep the Faith,


  1. My little boy calls band aids headbands too! How funny!

  2. Ruby is my kind of girl :) I like to eat both bowls of dessert too!! HA!! Also, Parker has a mini-obsession with bandaids. She can completely unwrap and put them on her "boo boos" which are usually imaginary! So cute!! Miss you girl. Hope you guys are doing great!

  3. Way too funny! My brother Nathan used to say (usually in reference to cookies or brownies) If they are stuck together they count as one!