Monday, September 6, 2010

Accidents Happen Even On Good Days

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend in our house! The weather couldn't have been nicer and my parents came to visit. The girls usually go to MDO on Wednesday, but I was able to take the twins on Friday because there were some openings due to the holiday weekend. Ella got to tag along with me and Neena. We had lunch and then went to Gap Kids to look for some new shoes...and of course left with more than we came for : ). I bought Ella two pairs of sneakers for the Summer in hot pink and white and we wore them out, but they were great because they were slip ons and looked cute with about anything. So, I was looking for something similar in Fall colors - these are the shoes we bought...
I thought these would be perfect for everyday Fall
And these were just the CUTEST shoes I've ever seen! When I put them on Ella, she said "Momma, these are so cute!!". Uh-oh!! I think I'm creating a monster much like myself : ). They also had them in Hot Pink and Purple which were REALLY REALLY cute, but for practical reasons, I thought she would be able to wear these with more...thanks Neena!

Another highlight of our weekend was the JUMP-O-LENE. I bought the jump-o-lene to take on our trip to Texas this Summer. It came in very handy while staying at my grandparent's house that isn't so kid friendly. We put it up when we got home from our trip, and pulled it out this weekend because the weather was so nice. Since the girls, especially Ella, hadn't seen it in like 3 months, it was like a brand new toy to her. Have I ever mentioned that I am a big advocate of hiding or rotating toys : ). Anyway, all of the girls had such a fun time jumping, playing in the sand box, and swinging in the back yard.

And then, as if we needed any more excitement, we had yet ANOTHER accident in our house. While I was cleaning up after dinner and Wes was literally 2 feet away tending to Molly and Ruby, Ella took a tumble of some sort and smacked into a piece of furniture in the foyer. I heard a LARGE thud, and then 2 seconds later, the sound no mother EVER wants to here...horrible screaming. I ran to see what happened and there was blood gushing from her mouth. As you can imagine, I suffered a mini heart attack, because at that moment I didn't know exactly what occurred...if she had knocked a tooth out, etc, etc. So as I was assessing the damage and she is gushing blood, I'm thinking, I need to take her to the hospital. BUT, my "eagle scout" husband who manages to remain calm in about EVERY situation, convinced me that there was no need for stitches, and that she just split her lip, yadda, yadda. So, we have survived yet another "boo-boo". However, she looks rather rough with a purple lip and bruised chin...
Pictures taken 2 hours after traumatic event - subject seems to be in good spirits ; ).
So, it was a rather eventful ending to a rather eventful LONG wonderful weekend...I'm coming to realize that anything but, is just out of the ordinary!

Hope you had a great Labor Day!

Keep the Faith,


  1. My nephew was over Saturday and was outside playing (he is 11) while I was feeding his baby sister and he came inside crying and said, "Gin-Gin I'm bleeding and I don't know where it is coming from." Talk about heart stopping! It turns out that him and my great dane butted heads and his teeth went all the way through his bottom lip. Surprisingly it didn't bleed a whole bunch! We called his mom and explained and 5 minutes later he was riding the four wheeler again.

  2. i cant even tell you how many busted lips P has had....the worst one was he was crawling on our couch and tripped, hit the end of the coffee table that was on the side of the couch....the end table is glass top btw....i never saw so much blood. billy almost had to clean up 2 messes....luckly it didnt crack a tooth, just a busted lip. but oh my word...

    i love those flats for ella! super cute!!!

  3. Poor Ella and poor Mommy, that is such a scary feeling. Glad you all are out enjoying this nice weather!

  4. I LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!!! I need to go check those out. That poor lip! Bless her sweet heart!

  5. Poor Ella!! That sad face is TOO much!!