Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Times

Just a blog about some of our good times lately...
Yummy donuts for breakfast. I know I shouldn't be encouraging a sweet tooth, but donuts are one of my FAVORITE foods (if you could call it a food)...especially sprinkle donuts. It's one of those childhood loves and memories. My Dad LOVES donuts, and it's one of those things we bonded over years ago...and I will never forget it. I think Ella has this bond with her Papa, too. As you might be able to tell from the face below. Growing up, after a week full of hum-drum cereal, many Saturdays or Sundays we would wake up to the treat of donuts for breakfast...or my favorite was getting my OWN bag of donut holes on the way to church on Sunday. It's REALLY all about the little things : )!

Lovin the sprinkles!

On Saturday, Wes took Ella to a local water park that is perfect for children. There is no pool, but a large area with buckets that fill up and spill over in the air, and sprinklers, and such. She just loves it. I stayed home with the twins, but when they got back she still wanted to play in the water, so we got out this topsy-turvy flower that you connect to the hose and it sprays water everywhere. The blue bucket you see is our version of a swimming pool (ha-ha!), no really, I need to make a trip to Wal-Mart for a baby pool. I'm thinking that will be our upcoming weekend outing.
Wes caught this the other day while Ella was watching Elmo Goes Potty. I hope she was taking notes...at least it looks like she was.
AND...here are my munchkins. I don't think they ever sit down. They are SO busy, all-the-time!! We were getting ready for baths in this picture, and for whatever reason, our girls are all fascinated with the bathroom. I'm sure we're not the only ones. We have TWO toilet bandits on our hands...flushing the toilet, playing in the trash, playing with toilet paper- really loads of fun : ). Of course, I had to get out the toilet lock so that no one falls in...but they just think it's the best thing ever.
We started giving the twins their bath together. Ruby was not so fond of the water at first, but she is starting to really like it now. I must say it's not the easiest thing, doing two at once...I know it will get easier as they get older (or maybe I shouldn't make that statement), but I would not attempt if Wes was not present - for safety reasons. BUT, they both really enjoy playing with the bath toys and splashing around.
Ella LOVES taking a bath. It's pretty much a fight to get her OUT of the tub every time. We used to give her a bath first, and then I have started doing her last so that she would have more time to play. However, she is always saying..."My turn...my turn, Momma" when I am giving the twins a bath.

A little side note of randomness....
I just finished reading Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson. If you have a daughter, or know someone who does or if you are a grandparent or involved in a precious girls life in some way...YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! I read it in a week...but could have read it in a day if given the time and privacy. Since bringing our daughters into this world, I have found my heart SO heavy and burdened for their safety and well-being with the world we live in today. This book arms parents (or those acting as a guardian) with the tools to insure your daughters grow to be lovely, God-fearing, Christ-centered, women. Aside from pointing out the ultimate fact that our daughters need a relationship with Christ...Dobson drives home the reality, the absoluteness, that WE, the parents, are THE DIFFERENCE in our daughters' lives. This is a MUST read.

Well, I hope you and your families are enjoying a little R&R, even if just being able to put your feet up for a few minutes while enjoying a nice Summer evening.

Happy Summer, Ya'll!
Keep the Faith,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Special Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. It was extra special because the girls' "Neena" (my Mom), came for a visit. We spent A LOT of time outside playing and also made two trips to the park....which was very special!! It's rather difficult for us to make it to the park when it's just me and the girls. Things that I used to NOT think twice about with just Ella (trips to the grocery store, running errands, eating out, going to the park, etc) have become a planned event. I REALLY hate this, but it is what it is. So, needless to say, it was SOOO nice to have some help AND the ability to get out of the house for some fun outings.

Ella and Neena building a sand castle
Molly just a swingin'
As you might imagine having two new "adventurous" walkers is quite a challenge. Ella LOVES to play outside, but it's hard to play with Ella and watch the twins. They seem to like playing on a blanket in the grass...and they DO NOT like touching the grass...so it kind of solves the dilemma of them wondering off...atleast for the moment : )!
Ruby, rocking
Ruby, rocking again
Molly, swinging - Molly LOVES to swing, Ruby hates it!!!
Lovin this park and the play equipment - almost completely shaded by beautiful trees
On Memorial Day we headed out to a wonderful farm to pick fresh strawberries. It was SO much fun and it actually turned out to be a perfect day for it because it wasn't too hot.

SOOOO YUMMY!!! Puts the strawberries in the grocery store to COMPLETE shame!!
Neena and Ella before we had to head to the airport
We love you, Neena! Thank you for coming to stay a few days.

Our Sunday church service was dedicated to all of the men and woman that have served or are currently serving our WONDERFUL country. I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude for their sacrifice. I whole-heartedly understand that EVERY freedom I enjoy was and is bought at a price. That my salvation, my soul, was bought at the price of Jesus Christ suffering and dying for me, and that the free country I live in was bought at the price of countless men and woman giving their lives so that I...and my girls could experience freedom. I'll get off my soap box in a second, but many of our freedoms are being squandered. PLEASE, PLEASE appreciate and defend these freedoms that we have been given. Show respect and teach your children how to respect. Honor our servicemen and woman. Honor our country.

Here's to a wonderful Summer!!
Keep the Faith,