Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This will be a rather miscellaneous post. I wanted to post a few pics for the grandparents to see. I hope everyone is transitioning well getting back into the swing of things with school starting. We, or should I say, I, am SOOOOO excited Mother's Day Out is in full swing. I take the girls on Wednesday, and today was their first "official" day back. I really can't complain, because where the girls go to MDO, they offer a Summer program. So, we were able to continue going through the Summer with week breaks before and after the program. Let me just say that this has been like God shining light on me from above, because I would be bald if I had to get through the Summer without it. I am truly SO grateful that God has provided the means for the girls to attend MDO. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

So, I caught a pic of Ella this morning...she runs when I get the camera. Then I had to take a picture of the girls' new lunch boxes. Ella's old lunch box was pretty gross, and the zipper broke, so I splurged to get her a new one as well. This is the twins "first" lunch box. They are getting to be such big girls.
She looks like she is in pain...she wasn't...just refusing to stand still and smile

Lunch boxes
The twins new favorite thing - this is a green plastic bowl I keep Ella's play food in her kitchen. Well, when we go upstairs to play, this is the FIRST thing Ruby does. She goes and dumps the food out, and then sits in the bowl. Wes and I will spin them. They LOVE it. However, the totally fight over who gets to sit in it. It's pretty funny to see them both try to sit in it at the same time.
Ruby being a dare-devil
Molly lovin on her Peter Cottontail. This was a gift from grandma at Easter. He sings Peter Cottontail and hops. She LOVES it...and even though she can't say the words, she babbles and hums the tune.
When you have 3 little ones roaming around, you never know what you will happen upon. I think I noticed that Molly had gone missing, and this is where I found her.
The trail of DESTRUCTION from Hurricane Ella and her two spin off tornadoes Molly and Ruby. This is WHY I would go bald without a day of MDO. : )
My Mom and Dad came for a REALLY quick visit a few weeks ago. Here is Neena "pre-tend" sleeping. Ella loves to cover you with a blanket and pat your back.
Here she is checking on Neena
Papa and Ruby
Papa and Ella
Papa and Molly
This is for you, Aunt Vicki. Ella's Great Aunt Vicki lives in Hawaii and brought the girls some adorable Hawaiian dresses. I thought this looked cute on Ella. The other dresses are still a little big, but I know we will wear them next year.
Ella and her "Emma" doll...and Molly playing with her stuffed animals.
Emma was a gift from grandma that we hoped would help fuel her interest in using the big girl potty. She loves the doll and even praises Emma for tinkling in the potty, but when you ask Ella if she wants to go in the big girl potty she says "No, I'm good". She's had success before, but is REALLY being difficult about it lately. I REFUSE to fight with her over it, and having to chase after two other little ones while attempting potty training, SUPER FUN!! So we will be waiting a little longer. I have a feeling that seeing all of her friends use the "big girl" potty at school might coax her.

Yes, I know you feel all the more enlightened hearing about our potty escapades. That's just what happens in THIS exciting house. I KNOW you're jealous! ; )

We are experiencing some REALLY great weather here. It's supposed to continue into the weekend. I am SO excited to get back outdoors.

Hope the rest of your week is great!

Keep the Faith,


  1. Those lunch boxes are darling. Where did you find them? They would make great Christmas presents for nieces and nephews!

    Isn't it funny how kids would rather sit on a package of paper towels than play with toys??

  2. I'm SO glad you get to take the girls to MDO! I think it's the greatest blessing in the world! I know how excited I am that Harper is going!
    The girls are getting SOOOOO big! They are so cute!
    I like hearing your potty stories because I'm convinced I don't even want to TRY potty training until Harper is about 5. ha! ha!