Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun!!!

In preparation for egg hunting today, I had to figure out a cute something for the girls to gather their eggs in. I LOVE all of the adorably cute personalized Easter baskets and buckets out there, and it took everything in me not to order one for each of the girls, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $60+ for three of them. It's no longer possible to just buy for Ella as the twins are now old enough to have MAJOR envy. So, although I really wanted to get them special baskets, my compromise didn't turn out half bad....and cost me a total of $9 for all three. I bought the buckets for $1 a piece from Wal-Mart. I got the stick on letters at Hobby Lobby, I spent $6 for 2 packages because I needed double "L's" because of Ella and Molly. I had the ribbon already. The girls LOVED them, and I figure, that's all that matters, right??
NOW for the completely, totally, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Easter Bash, put together by my friend Tracy. She hosted an Easter play group for a group of ladies that meet from our Church.
AND, here is the food table at Tracy's!!! Unbelievable!! Every detail! Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat any of this delicious looking food as I was chasing after 3 little girls the entire time, BUT I am a girl that appreciates this type of shindig....I know how much work goes into it, and it was really SOOOO special! Thank you so much, Tracy!!

I have to say that as much as I love getting together with friends, we don't make it to play group frequently. To put it simply, it's just exhausting...I don't ever get to eat lunch or visit with the other mothers more than a "Hi, how are you?" because I'm literally torn 3 different directions keeping up with the girls (AND I'm not saying that for pity, just stating my reality). BUT I felt like I was going to totally lose "good mom" points today if we didn't make the effort to go. The girls had SO much fun...and that's what it's really all about.
There isn't anything my friend Robin can't do when it comes to cookies. These were just beautiful...truly works of art!
Adorable cupcakes tucked inside little nests
Sack lunches for the kiddos...pb&j or turkey and cheese...with cheesy poofs as Ella was saying all afternoon.
AND, not only were there live bunnies for petting, but the Easter Bunny showed up for photos!!
Ella was SO excited about the Easter Bunny! It was so funny tonight when we were skyping Neena, we were talking about our day, and Ella was so animated when she was explaining to Neena that the she saw the Easter Bunny. This was definitely a highlight!
Molly and Ruby totally stand-off-ish looking at the real, live, bunnies
Hunting for eggs...they figured it out very quickly
Ella hunting
My silly Ruby-girl...she was rolling her eyes saying "Cheeeeese"Molly...cheeeese!
Now, to check out all the loot!

Such a fun day!

Keep The Faith,


  1. Those EAster baskets are SO cute!!!! Your girls looked adorable today. They are such pretty girls.
    And oh Amy I feel you. I love the idea of play group and everyone there but I get Sooooo stressed just chasing Harper at it. I barely eat or talk to anyone either. And today I decided with 2 it would be impossible to come. So I can't imagine 3.
    I really do think you always seem so calm and organized. I'm always completely frazzled! :-)

  2. LOVE the Easter baskets!! They are so cute!! I don't know how you do playgroup with 3! I barely survive with one! You are a super mom and such an inspiration! Glad the girls had so much fun!