Thursday, April 7, 2011

Molly and Ruby's Shindig

We had a party for Molly and Ruby last Saturday at a place called Gymnastic Joe's in our area. We go to Gymnastic Joe's frequently for open gym, and the girls love it!! We were able to get the whole gymnastic area for a private party, which was really nice. The gymnastic room has two in- ground trampolines, a running trampoline with foam pit to jump into, and springy gymnastic floor to run and play on. We really had a great time, and are SO thankful for all those that were able to come and play. It really made for a special day. Thanks everyone!

I ordered the cake from Shelby Lynne Bakery in our area. I wanted a "cupcake" cake and asked them to put the alphabet on it, because the twins love to sing their ABC's.
I was SO pleased at how the cake turned out. AND it was DELICIOUS!! I was so glad there was a little left over for a late night snack!
AND of course, fabulous sugar cookies from my friend Robin...I'm just amazed by her...that's all I have to say! Check out her blog It's All About The Cookies, you will be amazed too!
Refreshing beverages for the little ones
Take home favor from the party was a twirly lolli pop, I'm sure all the parents were really glad ; ). But seriously, I ALWAYS wanted one of these when I was little, but never got to have one.
Fun balloonsIt was so nice to have the common area in front of Gymnastic Joe's for our party...that way we weren't cramped in a small party room.

Popcorn and sodas for all the party guests...loved this!! FYI, Gymnastic Joe's is located in an old movie theatre...hence, the popcorn and soda fountain.My Rubster
My Mollster
Blowing out the candles
Neena flew in from Houston for a visit, and I was so happy to have her help and we were so blessed by our visit. We love you, Neena!
Excitement after blowing out the candles
Cake, or cak, as Ruby likes to say, need I say more
Who needs a fork people??
Some of our party guests. My dear friend Emily, or Ms.Emimiwy as the twins like to say, and her precious, adorable, baby boy, Jay. My other dear friend, Elaine, or Ms.Ewaine, was behind the camera, because that's one of the things she does and I am so totally fortunate that I have an AMAZING photographer as one of my best friends. I was so glad she caught a few candids for me, because as much as I love pictures, my hands are always too full to catch any. You can check out her blog here. Thanks, Elaine!!
John Michael
The "BIG" girls as Ella likes to say : )
Our group of lovely friends that were so kind to include us in the day, we were so grateful!
And, the pinnacle of the WHOLE event, Ella Kate got to have the LONG awaited lollipop. I ordered the lollipops online, and they arrived 3 days before the party and it was KILLING Ella. She pretty much ate all-of-it...guess I shouldn't have underestimated her...she R-E-A-L-L-Y wanted that lollipop!!!

Just feel SOOOO blessed to be celebrating.

It feels like a long time coming...and a blink of an eye all at the same time. The last two years have been full of overwhelming joy, countless milestones, lots of giggles, lots of tears, sheer exhaustion that I cannot quite put into words, and I look back on all of it, ALL OF IT, and find myself completely, totally, GRATEFUL. I AM JUST SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF IT. I have not only learned SO much about myself, BUT I know SO much more, and have become SO much closer to my Creator...who has gotten be through everyday...sustained me...and given me IMMEASURABLE joy. Thank-You-Lord. Thank you for life's little celebrations.

Keep The Faith,


  1. I am so sad we had to miss the party. Everything looked adorable! All 3 of your girls are so precious. Happy birthday Molly and Ruby!!!!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time. We will have to check out gym joes sometime!
    Cake was adorable! And your girls are so beautiful!!!

  3. Everything was so cute!! And that cake was amazing! It was so fun! Thanks for letting us celebrate your sweet girls!