Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Refill, PLEASE!!

Neena and Papa came for a wonderful visit over Memorial Day weekend.
I got a much needed refill...refill of quality time with my Mom and Dad. I miss them so much and wish everyday that we lived closer, BUT I'm really trying to count my blessings and just be so thankful for the time we had together.
What was even better, we had been planning this visit for a few months and they completely surprised me (which is a miracle in itself, because I usually know EVERYTHING that is going on). They ended up flying into Tulsa instead of having to drive (11+hours). It was just such a blessing to me. I was beside myself with worry about them driving through the night and just knew they would be exhausted.
When they walked in the door Saturday morning, they were fully rested and ready to start the day, AND they didn't have to leave until 4 pm on Monday to make their flight. I smiled from ear to ear all weekend. I had been praying the whole week before that God would just bless our visit and give us great weekend. I would say HE went ABOVE and BEYOND!! I'm just so glad God knows our deepest desires and delights in surprising us! Thank you, Lord!

We went to the park A TON!!! And, we played in the back yard A TON!!!
Here is Miss Ruby giving her sideways glance...
And waving at an airplane...saying, bye-bye airpwayne...she is fascinated with airplanes

I'm sure you can all relate, when the grandparents come to visit, they decide there are so many things you cannot live a bean bag toss...which the girls loved...
Little Cheerleader
Then after a little bit of play, it takes on a different use of course...lounging...
Blue eyes...and a smear of peanut butter...cameras pick up everything
The furrowed brow...always a furrowed brow
Ella is getting pretty good at dribbling the ball
There is no such thing as "taking turns" in this house
Monkey-ing around
Here ya go, Sis...I'll push you
Ruby, the queen of funny faces

Molly would swing for hours if you let her
On the square, LOVING the fountain
Gettin our feet wet
Love this pic, they were giggling, and having the best time...needless to say, we had MAJOR meltdowns when we had to leave.

A weekend FULL of memories I will cherish, forever.

Keep The Faith,

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