Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend with Grandma and Uncle Jeff

This past weekend, Grandma and Uncle Jeff came to visit for a few days. We had such a great visit. Grandma came bearing many gifts and spoiled us rotten. Thank you, Grandma!! I was so disappointed to find that I didn't get one picture of her with the girls. We will have to make up for that in a few weeks on our Texas trip.
All three of the girls are in love with Cinderella. I bought this Cinderella dress last year and Ella didn't want to wear it because it was too itchy...but, now I can't get her to take it off. She walks around holding the edges of the dress like Cinderella in the movie...AND, now she has learned how to curtsy.

Grandma bought Ella some "glass" slippers from the Disney Store. They light up when you walk and have a "high" heel on them...Ella is in love. She tells me, "Mama, you be the Prince and put the shoes on me to see if they fit"

2 little monkeys

And, because they are such monkeys, we decided to go to Gymnastic Joe's on Friday to "release the evil"...not really, but you know what I mean...blow off some steam!!
Ella bouncin
Ruby on the running trampoline

More monkeys
Uncle Jeff and Ruby...all of the girls love their Uncle Jeff
Molly saying Cheeeese!
Eating some yummy BBQ
My Ella girl
We made a trip to the Gentry Wildlife Safari. The last trip we made, the twins were maybe 6 months and Ella was around 20 months and they weren't all that excited about it. Well, they loved this trip!! I'm so glad we went. There are walk up cages at the front of the park as you see Ruby and Uncle Jeff talking to the baby camel.

Then we got in the car and did the drive through part...with Ruby driving...
Then Ella driving, even with all of the animals to look at, this was the highlight for her...isn't that always the case??

Big hairy camel
Very pregnant Zebra
Super friendly Rhino

Super silly Emu...looking for Ella Kate. That's what I told her anyway. These Emus are everywhere in the park during the drive through section. They will be in random places, but always right by the road. We would see one and slow down, and they would walk over to look at the car and inside.
The girls on the Lion statue...it was kind of stinky by the animal cages...Ruby was holding her nose : ) saying "phewy...tinky...Mama"

I look at this, and truly can't believe how big all of the girls are getting...as a Mom you never want to wish away the time because it is SO precious, but I know there have been so many moments over the past three years that I didn't think we would get to this point...the point where you finally feel like you are starting to enter the human race again.

Being a Mom of multiples is such a special and unique experience that I wouldn't change for ANYTHING. I do feel like I pretty much dropped of the planet for two years...I just kind of prepared myself for it...BUT, I am so happy to be in this place...I've said it before, and will say it again and again...my cup is OVERFLOWING!!! Thank you, Jesus, for these dear, sweet, precious, gifts. Above all, I want them to know you, and love you.

Another fabulous Summer weekend with family...I can't think of anything better!

Keep The Faith,

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  1. Looks like you all are having a great summer. Hope your Texas trip is safe and fun.