Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle...

Ella L-O-V-E-S music. I know, I know, most children love music. But, I like to think all that singing I did when I was pregnant with her made a difference : ). She is fascinated with instruments, pretty much all of them. Right now, she is especially loving violins. My Mom and Dad were visiting a few weeks ago and she was putting on a show. She found two curtain rods and started to play the violin. I couldn't resist posting this video. It's a little shaky at first because I was trying to catch her incognito.

We had LOTS of snow yesterday. Well, lots for our area anyway. I'm without a vehicle again today, and we are experiencing single digit temps so I think we will be indoors again today. I think I may, I know I have a weeeeeee bit of cabin fever as trying to entertain 3 small children is a challenge when you've done every puzzle in the house, read tons of books, had MANY tea parties, play-doughed, colored every piece of furniture and wall in the house, watched Eebee baby video OVER and OVER again...I apparently should have stock piled some toys when I went to the store Sunday to get some food for our Winter BLAST. Note to self : ).

We will be lounging in our jammies again today. No sense in making more laundry for myself.

Princess Ella
Molly enjoying a cinnamon roll
Horsing around...

Happy Snow Day!!!
Keep the Faith,

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  1. Love finding your blog....great colors in the design....
    what a beautiful family....