Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day from the Sweet girls. I made this Valentine's Day card to send to family, and was SOOOO bummed that our mail didn't get picked up until Friday due to the bad weather. SO, it's not going to make it in time....but, I still thought it turned out cute.

Then a few fun photos from the last few days.
Grandma came for a visit last week, to celebrate Ella's birthday again, and she COMPLETELY spoiled us with all sorts of activities and toys for the girls. One of Ella's favorites, is the play-do cake factory. We spent a good hour creating cupcakes and cakes the other day...even Mommy got into it.
We made lemon, blueberry, and vanilla cupcakes. I pulled out some "fake" money and we played bakery. When I asked Ella how much her cupcakes were, she said "that'll be $50 please"...those are some good cupcakes : ).
Loved this, the twins sitting together playing with their farm animals.
Molly giving a big smile.
I had to post this, as I was getting everyone ready for baths yesterday, Ella walked in the bathroom with this clear bucket on her head. She said, "look Mommy, it's my Astronaut hat"...hahahahahaha! This child has an imagination that AMAZES me. Don't turn me into child protective services...this easily comes off of her head, I promise.

AND, Molly "pretending" to go potty...she even said "potty, potty, potty" to me when she was sitting there. Hmmmm, I think Molly and Ruby might be potty trained before Ella girl.

Happy "LOVE" Day!
Keep The Faith,

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  1. The girls are so cute! My husband came home from the birthday party and told me that he thought that Molly and Ruby looked just like the Olsen twins at that age. They are all three adorable!