Thursday, February 10, 2011

CSN Stores - Review

As one might imagine with 3 little ones running crazy (all-the-time), over the past two years I have done a TON of my shopping online. I mean a TON!! One of the sites that I visit often is CSN Stores. I recently bought a new dining room chandelier from one of their stores that I LOVE! CSN Stores is an online retailer that has grown to encompass 200+ online stores where you can find pretty much ANYTHING you might be looking for, from swingsets to fabulous cookware and furniture to shoes, there is a store for you. AND one of the things I LOVE about CSN Stores is that for MOST items, even huge, bulky furniture, SHIPPING IS FREE!! That's a huge savings!

Anyway, I was contacted by CSN Stores and given the opportunity to review a product of my choice within a certain price range. I was completely shocked, and super excited! So, I browsed a few of the stores, while at the same time thinking about something that would make my life easier everyday. I think I found it! AND as totally unexciting as it is, if you have ever been in my house, or if you can at least imagine visiting my house, you would see the HUGE amount of little messes created for example, a good portion of EVERY meal ends up on the floor, and sometimes this Mommy allows her 3 precious, adorable, kiddos to walk around with a cup of Cheerios or Fruit Loops. Yes, I do. Needless to say, there are days they could eat dinner off of the carpet. Yes, I know, not an appealing picture, but none-the-less true.

So, I've decided on a cordless hand held vacuum, like the one below. I'm not quite sure what brand yet, or if I want a wet/dry combo, BUT as soon as I decide and receive it, I will put it to the test and give a quick review on my blog.
Hope you are having a fabulous day!
Keep The Faith,

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