Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am not ashamed...

I am so completely not ashamed that when I had 30 minutes to spare before picking up the girls from MDO yesterday, that I went to a new cupcake shop in our area and bought these delicious, lovely, cupcakes to share with my Valentines. I am also completely not ashamed that I drove to their school, parked the car, and continued to devour one of these cupcakes in complete solitude while googling the calories in a cupcake on my iphone. So what if my morning workout and cupcake binge were about a wash. That just meant I didn't have to feel completely awful when I had a second one after dinner.

There were MANY choices, but I got vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. Both of them were TO-DIE-FOR!!! The hubby loved them too, and the girls, well, do you have to ask? If you know me well, you know that cake and cupcakes are my absolute weakness. If you ask me, it's the perfect food.

When I traveled for work, one of my favorite things to do was search out and try cupcakes from the local cupcake shops, like Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA, Magnolia Bakery in NYC, Cupcake Cafe NYC, Crave Cupcakes in Houston, just to name a few. Well, I say all of that, so that you will understand that when I say that these cupcakes were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, I am not putting it lightly. If you live in the NWA area, you MUST try Kirby's Kupcakes in downtown Rogers. You can also find them on Facebook. This Mother-Daughter team makes their cupcakes and icing fresh daily, yes, homemade...and you can tell. The cake is SUPER moist, and the icing is AWESOME!!! PERFECTION! I promise, you will not be disappointed. AND, due to their popularity on Facebook, they are having DOLLAR CUPCAKE DAY this Saturday, Feb 19th. Treat yourself!

Just wanted to share my moment of happiness in hopes that someone else might find a moment of happiness as well...in a cupcake, none-the-less. Hey, it's really all about the small stuff!

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!
Keep The Faith,


  1. Oh those look so yummy!! I'm going to downtown Rogers tomorrow during MDO....hmmm...might have to make a stop!!!

  2. Cupcakes make me laugh right now. My hubby asked for some the other day. Long story short, I didn't buy them, and then I felt so guilty. Needless to say, I stocked up on cupcakes big time!!!

    These cupcakes look to die for!

  3. I can't wait to try those cupcakes! They look so good! (I actually posted a link to your blog post my blog.) Thanks for the tip!

  4. Those cupcakes ook AMAZING! And I so would google the calories too! Funny Funny!