Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Week Randomness...

SO, what do you do when there is 2 ft of snow outside??
Make snow angels of course!
Pretty good, I thought
Look cute in our snow gear
Cry in our snow gear
Measure the snow
Have a pet parade
Try on our new rain boots
Hide fruit loops in Mommy's boots...
And, then fish them out to eat them of course! I know it's gross, but Mommy doesn't wear these boots a lot and always wears clean socks when she does, so, don't gasp...a snack is a snack.

Watch Eebee over and over again.
I highly recommend these eebee baby videos if you are looking for something. In fact, there are so many great ideas in these videos for promoting cognitive and motor skills development. Next week, I plan on putting together a few activities seen in this video that I know will keep the girls busy for hours.
A bedroom makeover...
I've never had a "complete" master bedroom. In every home we've lived in, I've always put all of my budget into the other rooms of the house. That means, I've pretty much always hated our master bedroom. I'm not a dark color person, and I've found it hard to find lighter fabrics and such without spending a fortune. My Mom came to visit a few weeks ago, and brought me a lime green/white lattice print comforter that she found on sale for $60. The other side is a pretty ugly floral print, but I do LOVE the lattice print, so I have it folded at the foot of our bed. I have a white quilted comforter already on the bed and we use the larger comforter when we get cold...which is every night. I found the paisley print pillows at TJ Maxx for $14 a piece and I bought the turquoise lamps from Pier 1 Imports - they were the most expensive part of the makeover...lamps are expensive : (...but, I REALLY like these.
I also ordered this handmade pillow from Etsy to put in front of the paisley pillows...with the letter "S" of course. I'm excited, I can't wait to get it!
I also went to a local flea market and bought a few assorted mirrors...each of these was $5 or cheaper. I'm going to spray paint each of the frames white and hang them on the wall above our bed...I was sitting on the floor in our bedroom trying to find an arrangement I like. I'll post a picture when I get it all finished.

That's what we've been up to. I C-A-N-N-O-T wait for next week. It's supposed to be beautiful here with temps in the 50's and 60's!! HALLELUJAH!!!! Seriously, I'm DONE with Winter!!

Happy Friday, Y'all!
Keep The Faith,


  1. would you come over and help me with my house????? Your bedroom looks fantastic.

    I laughed at the snowboot snack. That's something that would happen very easily at my house.

  2. Hey Amy!
    Loved seeing a blogger at a local place. Your girls are dolls. They are so beautiful and well behaved! Just wanted to say "hi".