Monday, November 2, 2009

Marquee Monday

Ok, so here are the marquees for Monday.

Yikes! I never make excuses, ever! Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice??

I know this one really hit home with me. We haven't been in church for the last month for numerous reasons or "excuses". However, we made it yesterday. Refocusing my attention on the Lord has certainly helped me get through a particularly rough day today, and helped give me some peace about the disarray in my household.

I'm pretty sure Ella and Molly have croup (yuk!) and I went to three clinics today when we couldn't get in to see our Ped. I won't elaborate on my frustration with being turned away or told there was a 4 hour wait. I really want Ella to be well so she can have her surgery on Friday. Not to mention my house is a MESS!!! Do you ever feel so unorganized that you can't breathe?? Well, I'm there. Oh well, it's not a life or death situation...I just NEED to breathe, right?

Ok, enough venting...Happy Monday, ya'll (ha ha!)

Keep the Faith,

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  1. Oh Amy - I had a tough day today and I felt just like that. So stressed and out of control and disorganized. I can only imagine with 3 - it has to be 3x as tough. Praying for you tonight. I hope everyone is healthy at your house soon.