Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feeding Table, Grandparents, and Halloween!

WOW! I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post. I won't go into lengthy details, but we've had a crazy last few weeks that included both sides of grandparents visiting (yeah!), sinus infection #1 (Ella), a trip to the ER at 1:00 am for a 104 fever and what turned out to be a bad ear infection (Ruby), and sinus infection #2 (Molly). You are jealous, I know. However, I can't forget to mention that we did have a few good days in the mix of all that fun.

Papa and Molly
Nana and Ella cooking dinner

My parents, Nina (how Ella says Nana) and Papa, came to visit for a few days and it was so nice to have them here. A few months ago I was reading the blog of a mom of triplets and her husband had built a feeding table for their kids. Well, my dad is a gifted carpenter, and he built a triple feeding table for the girls. It is so great! Now that the twins are almost sitting up on their own, they LOVE to sit and play with their toys, and of course eat (which I must say they are really enjoying). Ella really likes sitting at the table as well. They have a table very similar at her MDO that seats 6 kids. When the twins get a little bigger we will insert larger seats like the one for Ella. This should last us at least a few years and will be great for feeding time, craft time, and Mommy needs a few minutes to herself time (ha ha!). My dad also crafted it so that we can disassemble very easily for traveling and when we no longer need the triple top with seats, he can easily replace the top to be a regular table. My dad did an awesome job. Anyone interested in one, let me know!! Thanks, Dad!

Triple feeding table
3 ducks in a row - there were a few eye poking moments, poor Ruby!
Ruby after sweet potatoes

Molly after sweet potatoes

Then Wes's parents, Grandma and Grandpa (Ella says ma-ga for grandma, we are working on it) came to visit. It was a great visit. Grandpa Rick works a month on and a month off in China right now and he literally got off the plane and got on another plane to come see us. I know he was tired, but the girls loved playing with him. We got spoiled during their visit. They babysat for us one night so Wes and I could get dinner together. It's amazing how just an hour of alone time can help you reconnect. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandma and Molly
Grandma feeding a baby and Ella playing with her house
Ella loves this house. Nana picked it up at a resale shop back home. It came with a family and furniture.

And of course, I must post pics of the girls in their Halloween costumes. We went trick-or-treating on the square downtown.

My butterfly
Ella enjoyed trick or first she didn't understand why everyone was putting candy in her bucket, but she got the hang of it.
Ella and Daddy
First lollipop...uh oh!!
Ruby the Flower
Molly the Flower
They are soooo funny!
Halloween tees and bows

We have an eventful week coming up. Keep us in your prayers. Ella has surgery this Friday to put tubes in her ears and have her adenoids removed. We need to get through this week without any sickness.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I can't believe Thanksgiving is knocking on the door!!

Happy Halloween!
Keep the Faith,


  1. I love that table! So cute! Praying for Ella and her surgery!

  2. your kids are so cute!:) Loved the costumes!