Monday, October 19, 2009

Marquee Monday

Have there ever been times in your life that you haven't been able to devote time each day to the Lord? Well, for probably the last three years, I have not consistently devoted quiet time each day or sometimes weeks to be still and focus my attention on God. Ok, I'm not proud ya'll, but it's the truth. Many times these days, the only time I spend talking to God is in my car driving somewhere or while I'm taking a shower. Well, funny thing, as I think back about 3 years....that's when I started to take a different route to work, and just about everywhere else (no coincidence).

There are two churches on this route that change their marquee every week. One week it may be a bible verse, the next a fun play on words, but always a profound statement that really speaks to me and ALWAYS what I needed to see/hear that day or week. So, no matter how far I feel from God, He is NEVER far from me. I am so glad that I am ALWAYS important to Him. So are you.

So, I thought each Monday, I would post the marquee signs from these churches, and any others I may see...

I thought I would also share another picture of God showing His love to the beauty all around us. I can't get over how awesome the trees are right now...even the trees are "blazing" with His glory!! WOW!

Happy Monday, Ya'll!!

Keep the Faith,


  1. Fall in NWA blesses me so much! Thanks for sharing the pics of tress and the Marquee! What a creative idea. Looking forward it!

  2. a fav of mine i saw one time, "when you're down to nothing, god is up to something" i saw that right before billy got a job offer after being unemployed for 6 mths!!! he is everywhere, even when you're not :) miss you friend!