Friday, October 2, 2009

6 Month old Cupcakes

So, my precious cupcakes were 6 months old on Wednesday. I would say, "where has the time gone", BUT as hard as it is to believe the twins are 6 months old, I didn't think we would ever get here!! The last 6 months have been the most exhausting in my life, AND although we are not sleeping through the night yet, I'm hopeful that milestone is just around the bend. Everyone asks me if it has gotten easier. My answer is a resounding "No!", but I will say it has gotten better simply because we have a routine and we are able to get out of the house for an hour here and there. Now if I only had a Jetson's kitchen that magically cleaned itself and a laundry room that folded laundry...THEN I would say things had gotten easier.

They love to look at each other and's soooo sweet!
Every once in a while you will catch one chewing on the other's hand - I scratch your back you scratch mine mentality.

Ruby wouldn't look at the camera, she was too interested in chewing on her toys. They both LOVE the exersaucer...I have to say, so do I!

Wednesday was also my Birthday. That is our MDO day and I was so excited. I ran some errands and met Wes for lunch at Table Mesa (YUMMO!!!). Soon after we finished lunch MDO called to tell me Molly had a, I had to pick up the girls. Not sure what the problem was (I think the twins are teething), but all seems to better now. Wes brought home dinner from Copeland's and I got a small cake so we could celebrate. Ella was SO excited about the cake...she takes after her Mom for sure. I'm convinced cake is the perfect food.

I have a busy day ahead. Continental had a ticket special and Nana is coming to visit for the weekend. I am SUPER excited! I need to clean house, not like it will do a bit of good due to Hurricane Ella. When Nana comes to visit we always do some kind of cute project, usually for the girls...I'm thinking this time I need to replenish my freezer meals...whatever it may be I will do a post.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. The girls are so precious in their cupcake outfits! I can't believe they are already 6 months old!
    You always seem to have it SO together Amy! I think you are doing a great job. Enjoy having your mom visit!

  2. Your girls are beautiful. They are so cute in their cupcake outfits and all smiles!

  3. 6 mths already? crazy! they are so cute, i love how they look at each other. and happy late bday!!! i hope it was a good one, i love me some bday cake. a few weeks ago, i was wanting bday cake so i went to harps and about a lil mini one! billy just laughed but man, it was delics!!! miss ya!