Friday, November 20, 2009

The car is in the driveway bursting at the seams (literally). We will soon be embarking on our 7-8 hour drive to Tenaha, Texas to visit my grandparents (Bobo and Pop). The rest of my family will trickle in as the week progresses. I am SUPER excited to hit the road, and more than anything looking forward to spending some quality time with those dear to me. I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family. Our days will involve grocery shopping tomorrow (prayers, please!), cooking (non-stop), eating (non-stop), puzzles, dominoes, college football (Gig'em Aggies!!), and LOTS of laughing!!

I wanted to leave you with some pictures of what I am MOST thankful and forever! My three punkin heads, Ella, Molly, and Ruby...AND of course, I can't forget Daddy...I didn't catch a pic when he came home from lunch.

Ella, in her 'punkin' pie onesie, a la Nana
Molly in turkey tee - a la Nana
Ruby in pumpkin tee, a la Nana

Now that you've seen first hand the joy of my life, what are you most thankful for?? You don't have tell me (however, I'd love to hear)...but, please take the time to tell them this holiday, whoever it may be. It's unfortunate that many times we don't tell those we cherish that we love them until they move away, or worse. It just takes a second, and can last a lifetime.


Keep the Faith,

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