Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stop and Listen

Ok, so I guess my Monday Marquee posts have become Tuesday Marquee posts lately. It's been crazy in our house lately, come to think of it, I can't recall when it hasn't been crazy in the last 7+ months (thanks to 2 precious adorable twins and their BUSY sister). Anyway, here you go....

I have to say, it was like this was meant for me...like the picture of Uncle Sam pointing his finger at me...but, with God replacing Uncle Sam. How often am I able to give without first thinking about myself? I wish I could say all the time, but I'm ashamed to say I can't. Lord, please give me the heart to give unselfishly.

Something else on my heart....

On Monday, I dropped the girls off at Mother's Day Out and hit the ground running...to Wal-Mart, the gym, ran errands, made phone calls, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom (needed it REALLY bad!)....and stopped at the Christian bookstore on my way to pick up the girls to buy a cd I've been wanting for a few months. One of my favorite singer/songwriter artist, Bethany Dillon, came out with a new album in September. I found her music 5 years ago and have LOVED her ever since. Well, her new album is WONDERFUL! Before I started the car, I peeled into the plastic wrapper and opened the cd, and started listening. Ohhhh, how God wanted me to hear all of these songs...but, especially Stop and Listen. As I was driving and listening...I had to pull over. I've attached an imovie with the song and lyrics listed below.

I wake up
Start the rush and pour some coffee
Things to do pile up
Oh so quickly
Too many days I feel like
I run on empty
Does anyone else out there feel like me

But I’d be a fool to forfeit
The chance to take a moment
For You to rise like the dawn
Over my cold, tired heart
What I thought I had lost
Finds me when I stop
Stop and listen

It’s the same slowing down lesson we all learn
But I don’t pay much attention
Till I crash and burn
So all together
Let’s stop and sit at His feet
My sisters and brothers

It's an upbeat song...not sad at all. But, I must admit that lately I get so caught up in the events of my day and caring for 3 babies and a household that I haven't taken the time to stop and listen to God (at all!). Does your mind ever race with everything you have to do (much like a computer with 15 screens open at the same time)? It hurts to think that I could ever let my heart become cold and tired, but oh how I can relate to that statement sometimes. Satan manifests himself in ANY and EVERY weakness. I've said to myself, "Nothing could be more important than getting this or that done today"...WRONG! NOTHING is more important than a moment with God. NOTE TO SELF! Learn from my mistakes and take that moment with God. Whatever and whenever it may be.

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!
Keep the Faith,

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  1. I love that song! Now that I'm newly pregnant, I find myself not connecting with Him as much as I should! Thanks for the reminder!