Saturday, March 19, 2011


This tree or rather every tree, everywhere, is causing lots of trouble in our household. This is the W-O-R-S-T allergy season I've ever experienced. It started two weeks ago. After many phone calls to our Allergy Doc, and 4 sinus/ear infections later (including mom), I think we are on the mend and hopefully have the right preventative meds to help us through the "blooming" season.

AND, let me just say that as I am praying non-stop and have such a heavy heart for those that are fighting for their lives, I'm constantly reminded how thankful I should be that we are only treating measly allergies and not something serious. I thought about this a lot the last few days as I functioned on little sleep and some doozie headaches...I thought, seriously, Amy, get over yourself! Just trying to be thankful for even the rough it's clear to me, my "rough" days are NOTHING to what others are enduring.
My cough has been unbearable at, I've slept on the couch a few nights. The girls loved having a place to lounge when they got up the next morning. I was turning on some morning cartoons and turned around. I tip-toed to find the camera because I HAD to catch this.
Grandma and Grandpa came for a Spring Break visit, and we played outside in the sunshine. Here's Ruby in her favorite spot. We had such a GREAT time during their visit.
Ella riding her bike
Bucket-o-rice is so much more fun if I can climb in and feel it on my toes : )
Grandpa reading to Ruby
We made a trip to Gymnastic Joe's for open gym. We've been going to open gym there for a while now, and the girls love it. Grandma finally got Molly on the trampoline. She is VERY cautious, but by the end of our time she was really enjoying herself.
Ella on the wheel of cheese
Molly in the foam pit
Ella having a blast
Ruby bouncin
Balance beam
Parachute time!
I love this...isn't it the best when you see your kiddos do things for the first time...that they just LOVE! Plus, she looks like such a big girl to me here.

Hope you're having a great weekend!
Keep The Faith,

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