Monday, September 14, 2009

The Eyes of Texas are upon you...Part 1

We pulled in the driveway at about 7 pm Sunday night. Home from our 10 day trek to Texas. HOLY COW am I exhausted!! We had such a good time. It is always such a bummer making the trip home from a vacation and visiting family. Not to mention the MAJOR unpacking and laundry that is still in process!

We spent Labor Day weekend with Wes's family at their Lakehouse in Livingston. Our arrival was quite interesting, to say the least. We got there at about 10 pm on Thursday, a 10 hour drive with a few stops. All the girls were dead asleep and the process of getting everyone inside and unpacked enough to go to sleep. WOW, was that fun! I think Wes and I got probably 3 hours of sleep that night (if that). At one point, all three girls were in bed with us. SUPER FUN!

Wes fished with his Dad and Brother, Jeff, and had a great time. I visited with my Mother-In-Law, Diane, and Niece, Reese. Reese is 6 yrs old and Ella was really taken with her. I knew she would be. She had a great time. Grandma kept quite a few toys from Wes's childhood and Ella adored playing with every one of them. You will notice the toys EVERYWHERE in the pictures. This was also the first time for my Father-In-Law, Rick, to see the twins. I think he enjoyed playing with them.

I don't remember what you call all of these toys, but I remember playing with this house set at my Grandparents when I was young.
Ella wearing her clog slippers. She also really loved this soccer ball.
Ella and Reese eating lunch
Rick playing with Molly

Wes's parents went overseas to visit their Daughter/Ella's Aunt Stephanie, in July and brought back tons of goodies for Ella. Stephanie is in the Peace Corp and is stationed in Albania. Grandma Diane and Grandpa Rick brought back a doll from each of the cities they visited as well as some "clog" slippers from Holland. Ella LOVED them! They also brought back some real wood clogs from Holland, but they are too big for Ella right now. They surprised me with some lovely gifts that I love. They are always so generous!

Ella also had her first swimming experience or rather floating experience. Diane purchased a covered float for Ella so she could get in the lake. Wes and I were both unsure of her reaction, but it turns out she loved being in the lake.
Ella all ready to go swimming
Ella in her floaty
Ella in her travel lounge chair
Ruby napping

I had to catch sweet

Before I took the girls into Houston to see my family we stopped to see Wes's Grandmother, Joan, the girls Great-Grandmother. She is currently in a special care home close to Wes's parents where two wonderful Nurse/Caregivers are attending to her. It's a long story, but last December she moved from Florida to live with Wes's parents and out of nowhere became ill. She has since been on a roller coaster. We did get some good pictures of her with the girls. I hope to post a few soon.

Our trip then continued on to Houston. To be continued....


  1. im so glad ya'll had a good time! the girls look so sweet, i will have to show parker the pic of ella in her swimsuit, he'll be knocking on your door soon!!! :)

  2. I'm glad the trip was good! The thought of that car ride - you're amazing. Love the blog makeover too!

  3. the cutest your blog..Hope you will stop by and see my new Christmas blog...
    There is a GREAT giveaway going on now for a Great Ornament Giveaway on Oct 1....all you have to do is leave a comment.....I love finding new blogs and make new blog friends.

  4. Cute blog. I have a Ruby too. I found you on Kellys Korner blog list.
    Mommy to 7. 9 and under.