Friday, December 10, 2010

What's been goin on??

I'm not sure why I thought as the twins got older, things would get easier to manage. It's quite the opposite. Isn't that always the case?? Anyway, I was telling Wes earlier today, that I don't think I will ever have a clean house again. He made the comment, that a maid would be pointless. Very true! So, I've always said that Miss Ella can create a path of destruction in less than 10 seconds. Well, lucky me, now I have 3 masters of destruction. Oh, brother. Days that we spend at home, I find myself anxious all day because it's just a HUGE mess. I just need to roll with it, because it won't be changing anytime soon : ). Anyway, I say all of this so that you won't gasp at the mess that is our house in the following pictures. Thought I would just share some pics from the last few weeks....warning there are quite a few!Thanksgiving lunch with Grandma Diane, Grandpa Rick, and Cousin Reese
Reese LOVES Pumpkin Pie, and she made this one...even pinched the crust to make it pretty. Way to go, Reese!
Reese and Ella. Ella SO enjoyed having Reese to play with.
Reese and Ella making Christmas cookies

She's a natural, makes her momma proud!

And of course, what fun is icing if I can't just reach in the bowl for a taste??The beautiful masterpieces
Grandma and her cuddle-buddy. I don't think Ruby left her side the whole visit.
Double-trouble is all I have to say...
I'll say it again, double-trouble...I mean really, what fun is our new picnic table if we can't stand on it?? And yes, those are bottles, I know, I know, but it's the only way they drink milk. I'm sure we'll give them up before Kindergarten ; ).
Love to play in boxes...and laundry baskets...
I got an iphone (early Christmas present) and Ella is a pro at the ABC/Shapes/Color game. Wes was leaning over her shoulder the other day, and she said " Go away, Daddy!"
And of course, sisterly love. They are so funny...lovin on each other, kissing, tickling, and even feeding each other. Ruby is our "Mikey", meaning she eats well. Molly can sometimes take it or leave when she's done...she just feeds sissy.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I'm hoping to post again before Christmas, but if I don't...Merry Christmas, y'all!

Keep the Faith,


  1. Heheh that last photo is so funny and cute! :)

  2. who cares if you have a clean house b/c you have precious babies!!!! love, love, love looking at pics of the girls. oh, and parker is a pro at billy's iphone, he knows more than me!!!!