Monday, March 22, 2010

Cool Rider

Have you guys seen the Grease movies?? I have to tell you, I have loved those movies for years. My favorite growing up was Grease 2. Come to find out as I hit adulthood, these are not the best movies for a youngster to be watching (who would have thought??). Although I will say they are extremely tame compared to today's standards. ANYWAY, one of my favorite songs when I was young was Cool Rider. That is what I have been calling Ella lately. She's a C-O-O-O-O-L RIDER, C-O-O-O-O-L Rider...
My Mom (Ella's Neena) bought a tri-cycle about 6 months ago for Ella, and she couldn't reach the pedals at the time. Well, she can reach them now...WHOA NELLY, WATCH OUT!!! As if I didn't have enough craziness already!! She just L-O-V-E-S it! As you can see, we have been using it indoors because it has been so cold outside. Well, not to disappoint, Ella's Grandma came to visit for Spring Break last week and brought up a REAL bicycle from Ella's cousin Reese (with training wheels of course) and she had a blast with this as well. Thank you, Reese!! It was VERY apparent we needed a helmet, and I am so surprised she loves to wear it too.
Grandma treated us to lots of fun stuff, but one thing worth mentioning is this two-seater wagon that we found at a resale shop...and we LOVE it!! Thanks, Grandma! We were able to sneak in a ride the day before the Spring snow storm arrived.

Molly enjoying the ride
Ella had to be apart of the action, until Molly and Ruby started pulling her hair
And the sweetest pic of Ruby having her night-time bottle. She was SO tired, but hungry too!

Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Happy Monday, Ya'll!

Keep the Faith,


  1. ha! as soon as i read your title, that song popped into my head!!! my sis was a huge grease fan so of course i watched it over and over. and you will definitly get your use out of that wagon, p still loves his and now he's big enough to pull it around the back yard and throw toys in it! we should have a wagon date w/ them!!

  2. FYI I love Grease 2! I have the soundtrack and I think it is the best. I love the song whos that guy (but I change it to whos that girl and sing it to sophia)

  3. I love the picture of all of them in the wagon. That is so cute! We have a wagon and I'm just waiting on Matthew to be big enough to sit up in it! I also loved Grease growing up. I never really quite caught some of the more "grown up" stuff in it! ha!

  4. Oh, your girls are just precious!


  5. They are all sooooo cute! I love Grease!